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Prism Sound Updates Titan and Atlas Audio Interfaces With Dante® Networking and New Control App


Prism Sound is pleased to announce the forthcoming availability of Dante® audio networking on its award-winning Atlas and Titan multitrack audio interfaces.

Sleek new black-fronted Dante compatible units, which will be available from the second quarter of 2019, will be on show at the Prism Sound booth (15321) at NAMM 2019. These units feature a new Dante MDIO module and are controlled using a software app that is available for both Mac and Windows platforms. This allows control of the unit from a computer connected to the Dante network or via the existing USB connection as appropriate.

The introduction of Prism Sound’s Dante module extends the range of I/O options for Atlas and Titan, which also includes an MDIO card option that provides a compatible connection for Pro Tools hardware.

To support the investment of existing Atlas and Titan users, Prism Sound has ensured that its new Dante card and software control app can be used with all older units already in use.

Graham Boswell, Sales and Marketing director for Prism Sound, says: “Dante is undoubtedly the de facto standard for digital audio distribution across Ethernet networks and by enabling our flagship audio interface products to connect seamlessly with this technology we are showing a firm commitment to the future.”

About the new software control app, Boswell adds: “The new software control app is a really important update, too, for existing and new Atlas and Titan users, as well as Lyra users. It provides a clearer, more user-friendly presentation in a re-sizeable window, making it easy to read on the latest 4K screens as well as on older computers.”

Users not requiring the Dante interface will be able to download the latest firmware and updated software control app free of charge from the Prism Sound website.

Those wanting to upgrade to Dante can purchase the MDIO-DANTE card and then also upgrade the Atlas or Titan firmware and software control app, which will be available from the Prism Sound web site at no additional cost.

For more information please visit prism Sound at NAMM 2019 or contact sales@prismsound.com.

About prism Sound
Ntọala na 1987, Prism Sound manufacture high-quality ọkachamara dijitalụ dijitalụ na ngwanrọ maka egwu na mmepụta nke ọma maka egwu, ihe nkiri, telivishọn, redio na ọtụtụ mgbasa ozi mgbasa ozi na ihe dị iche iche nke ihe mgbakwasiri ike nke eji eji ihe egwu egwu, ọrụ, ụlọ ọrụ na mmezi. Ụlọ ọrụ ụlọ ahịa ahụ gụnyere ọtụtụ ebe ọdịyo na-ekpuchi ngwa sitere na desktọọpụ ma ọ bụ na-edegharị mkpanaka na mmepụta ihe na ụlọ ọrụ ndị isi; Prism Sound na-arụkwa ọrụ SADIE na-arụpụta ọrụ na-arụpụta ọrụ nke ndị isi mgbasa ozi mba dịka BBC, yana ọtụtụ ụlọ ọrụ na-eduzi ụwa na ndị na-agụ egwú na-agụ egwú. A na-eji ihe eji eme ihe na Prism iji tụọ arụmọrụ nke ma ọ bụ ngwaọrụ eletrọniki ma ọ bụ ngwaọrụ ndị na-emepụta ihe na arụ ọrụ nke ọma na ndị isi na-emepụta ngwá ọrụ dịka ngwá electronic, ekweisi na ikpu isi nakwa dịka ọdịda ọrụ.

Maka ozi ọzọ: Www.prismsound.com

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